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What to expect when you join a celebrity-hosted trip

The famous faces we see on screen or the subject experts whose books we love might seem a world away from our everyday lives. But did you know there are holidays hosted by celebrities or where a celebrity makes a guest appearance that offer the opportunity to meet your heroes, learn more about them, and tap into their expertise?

Fabulous destinations are matched with the people that can bring them to life - after all, it's often our interactions on holidays that make them truly memorable. When you're in the company of a celebrity or an expert on a special holiday, you're bound to have moments that'll have you reminiscing about your experience for years to come.

So, what can you expect if you're joined by a TV star, musician, or celebrity chef on a trip?

Expert insight into fabulous places

Some of the world's most desirable destinations offer opportunities for new experiences. Fabulous bistros in France, a wonderful gallery in Italy, or simply beautiful scenery on a voyage to Iceland can be memorable in their own right. But travelling with an expert guide can really elevate the experience. Imagine joining Rosemary Schrager in those French restaurants, touring Dutch galleries with Andrew Graham-Dixon or taking that Iceland cruise with Carol Kirkwood to add depth and understanding to the geology and weather patterns at play. Their presence can really make your trip exceptional.

Hear fascinating insider stories

Spending time with celebrities also gives you a chance to get to know them beyond their on-screen persona. Many trips include a Q&A session with your expert guest, offering a rare opportunity to understand more about them, their aspirations, career highs, and their likes and dislikes.

Get top tips from Lord Ian Botham about selecting the best French wines on a river cruise, or chat with Joanna Lumley after a luxury train journey through the Kent countryside. Our trips often include the opportunity to ask questions to your favourite guests - and perhaps receive an unexpected or entertaining answer!

Access special events and experiences

It's not always simply about enjoying the company of a celebrity guest. Our trips often include access to private events, such as a Russell Watson concert in Venice, watching the St Tropez regatta from the deck of a ship in the company of James Martin, or accessing Windsor Castle when it's closed to the public in the company of royal biographer, Robert Hardman.

Have your own Saturday Kitchen moment as you join Rick Stein in a food market on a colourful Venetian island or hear from Gardeners' World presenters as they personally show you around the UK's most beautiful gardens. These carefully curated trips are created by our destination experts on tried and tested itineraries but enhanced by special guests.

A wide choice of celebrity guests and experts

With an ever-changing roster of celebrity-hosted trips across broad topics from art to gardening to cooking and the Royal Family, there's always a new face hosting new trips. Gardening trips hosted by the likes of Sarah Raven, Rachel de Thame and Helen Yemm are enduringly popular, along with deep subject specialists, including the likes of Robert Hardman or Lucy Worsley, on a deep-dive into Britain's royal palaces.

Travel and food go hand-in-hand, so perhaps it's unsurprising that some of our best-loved trips are hosted by celebrity chefs. Find yourself refining your French cooking by watching Raymond Blanc in person on a river cruise in Bordeaux or joining James Martin for a cocktail on the deck of a clipper ship in the Med after you've enjoyed a sensational gala dinner he prepared just for you.